Careers Australia – Terms and Conditions of Sale

Important information and terms of sale for Careers Australia training resources.

We are working with an RTO that acquired most of the Careers Australia library of training resources, and is now making them available to Australian training organisations. This catalogue includes one of the largest ranges of training resources in Australia, which have not been available to the general public before.

license agreement acknowledging acceptance of these terms and conditions must be signed and returned before any training resources can be released to you. Please take the time to read the terms of sale below. You can read the full license agreement terms and conditions here. 

Some training resources in the Careers Australia catalogue are now published and distributed by RTO Learning Materials and TotalVET Training Resources (including SIT, SIR, TLI, CPC, MEM and parts of the RII and BSB catalogues).

If you are not sure which publishers’ terms apply to your training resources order, please let us know and we’ll be happy to clarify for you.

Important information about the Careers Australia catalogue of materials:

  • Materials have been designed for blended learning (including classroom instruction & self-paced study outside the classroom), and generally, contain a lot of images & practical assessment tasks to provide a great training experience to your students.
  • Some units were not complete at the time the RTO’s content was acquired by the owner (eg observation forms, learner guides, benchmarks or other tools may not be available for a unit), either because the materials weren’t required or because Careers Australia had not completed them prior to the new acquisition.
  • Qualification packages are already substantially discounted to reflect that some work may be required to create documents to complete the training and assessment resources.
  • Your RTO is required to contextualise your training resources for compliance with the Standards for RTOs, and it is strongly recommended you validate and rectify any tool you purchase from any supplier – this way you save money upfront on the materials and you will naturally develop that evidence portfolio as you shape the tools to suit your RTO’s needs.
  • Individual units can be selected from the packages if you only want complete units, but a higher per-unit rate will apply.
  • The unit matrix provided indicates which tools and materials will be provided with each unit of competency in the package.
  • Using these resources as a base, you may be able to get qualifications on scope and courses to market months earlier, which means you will start generating revenue sooner.
  • The catalogue owner is not intending to update or maintain these training resources. You will be able to update and maintain your own materials.
  • Most materials are in editable Word format so your RTO will be able to make any further modifications and updates you want to maintain and improve the tools yourself.
  • You are free to and it is assumed you will brand the materials with your own organisation’s branding, and transfer the content to your own templates. Materials will be supplied with Careers Australia branding on most documents.
  • Lots of unique and unusual resources that were developed for specific state, federal and industry funding contracts, so you’ll find units and qualifications that it would not be economically viable for most commercial development companies to write.
  • These materials were developed and extensively “road tested” at audit and in training by a reputable training organisation with 2,000+ students!

Please review the unit matrices supplied to see what materials are available for each unit of competency.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • Materials are supplied on a “One-Off” Upfront Payment model.
  • You are free to train Unlimited Students within your own RTO with No Ongoing Fees.
  • License period lasts for the lifetime of the unit/qualification release.
  • Most materials are delivered in editable Word format for easy modification and distribution to your students. Materials may include a mix of file formats including PDF.
  • No resale or distribution of the materials to other organisations (except official regulatory bodies).
  • Materials may be re-branded, and otherwise modified and contextualise for compliance and to suit your RTO’s needs.
  • Training materials may be printed, uploaded to your own LMS or distributed to students in digital format using secure methods.
  • Resources are delivered in digital format via a secure download link for easy use and distribution. Please allow 3-7 business days for delivery.
  • It is the responsibility of the RTO to ensure the training materials are contextualised, and align with their Training and Assessment Strategy and all other compliance documents.
  • It is the responsibility of the RTO to ensure their unit selection meets qualification or skillset packaging rules.
  • It is strongly recommended you validate and contextualise any training resources purchased from any training resource provider prior to audit.
  • eSkilled Australia cannot refund or exchange materials for a change of mind once they have been delivered.
  • license agreement acknowledging acceptance of these terms and conditions must be signed and returned before any training resources can be released to you.

Read the full license agreement terms and conditions here

Delivery Timeframes

  • Once the order is confirmed, we will generate an invoice for the training resources requested.
  • Once payment is made, it may take up to 1-2 business day for funds to clear to our account and finance to verify receipt of payment.
  • When payment is confirmed we will confirm any remaining details required before delivery.
  • Within 1-2 business day, we’ll send you a copy of the license agreement to sign and return to us.
  • Once all required information and the signed license agreement has been received, we’ll process the order and typically deliver materials within 2-5 business days.
  • Your materials will be delivered in digital format via a secure document delivery service (Dropbox, SharePoint or similar application).

Please note that we work on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis to be fair to all our clients. Orders go into the delivery queue once payment and licensing have been finalized and all required information received. Delays to those steps may result in your order taking longer to be processed and delivered.

Note: As of 1st July 2018, in certain kinds of audits ASQA no longer offers an opportunity for rectification if non-compliances are identified at audit. This affects initial RTO registration audits. It is critical you allow yourself enough time to fill any gaps, fully contextualise, and understand your training materials before taking them to audit.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the RTO to ensure all compliance requirements are met at audit. No training resource provider can guarantee full compliance at audit.