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Get access to engaging RTO eLearning resources for your learners. We have an extensive catalogue of units and qualifications to choose from. All e-learning materials are delivered through our amazing online platform – Learning management system (LMS)!

Deliver Critical Skills Online Through Australia’s Leading Learning Management System!

Deliver training online, anywhere, anytime with engaging E-Learning resources and materials for your RTO and learners.

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Improve your completion rates and student retention with our engaging interactive e-learning resources for your RTO

Australia's BEST LMS with Online E-learning Resources!

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Give your learners the best start in their online e-learning journey with our engaging e-Learning resources, and online Learning Management System (LMS).

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Promote Your Brand

Impress your students and promote your brand using your Organisation’s Logo and Colours. Promote YOUR new LMS and Online Learning Platform, not ours! 

An LMS with Interactive Tools and Activities

In our Learning Management System you can create amazing interactive activities. You students can work and learn together online, access forums, wikis, glossaries, database activities, and much more.

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Integrated Instant Messaging

eSkilled LMS has an Instant Messaging service that allows easy two-way dialogue between trainers and students to engage individually or as a course group. It’s a great communication tool that makes everyone feel engaged and involved in online discussions.

Get Automatic Notifications

Users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments, deadlines, forum posts and more.

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Track Progress

Trainers and learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at course level.

Get Access on Any Device

Remove barriers to training. Students and trainers can access their elearning courses from any device at anytime!

Why Choose Our Learning Management System?

If you want a way to engage your learners, access comprehensive assessment tools, and easily manage your student cohorts, you have come to the right place. Our LMS is packed with features that you, your trainers and students will love! Your new E-learning content will increase your online learner engagement and allow them to access their course from any device at any time!

Launching new courses and managing students has never been easier with our world class online Learning Management System. You get to brand your online learning platform to your organisation’s look and feel, so that your learners have a seamless experience, whilst promoting your BRAND. Step into the future and get your RTO online with our fantastic e-learning course resources and assessment tools today!


Sant KumarCEO - Luminous Education Australia
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"We recently subscribed to eSkilled LMS and we love how this LMS supports our RTO to deliver engaging learning, as well as tracks our learner progression to assist our RTO to scale and grow with maximum efficiency. We particularly love the virtual classroom and rapid eLearning authoring tools. The scope for contextualisation is unlimited and easy to manage."
Cynthia SicilianoNational College Australia (NCA)
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"e-Skilled has been pivotal to NCA release of a new product for online training and assessment - Short Courses. They have provided above and beyond support which has gained our trust, with prompt turnaround times and consistent follow through and follow-ups. They have assisted in leading the conversation when it comes to the functionalities that would best suit our needs, as well as providing training that was customised to our business model. Their pricing and service delivery are value for money. They have allowed NCA to launch our project within timelines projected, even though they have been challenging timeframes. I would confidently recommend them as your LMS provider for online Learning and Development."