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BSB50215 Diploma of Business Digital Resources

GetBSB50215 Diploma of Business digital training resources now! This package includes a range of training and assessmeent resources to help your RTO deliver and assess the popular BSB50215 course.

Your digital BSB50215 RTO Training Materials can be used in eSkilled and can be easily transferred to your LMS so you can get set up to enrol and train students ASAP.

Further, we are developing eLearning resources for this qualification and you will be able to integrate it into your RTO’s training and delivery strategy in the future!

Your digital BSB50215 course materials come with the following training resources:

  • Engaging Course Content
  • Simulated Workplace to Support Learners
  • Editable Assessment Tools
  • Editable Assessor Tools
  • Assessment Mapping Matrices
  • 24/7 Access Online for Students, Trainers and Staff
  • Can be Added to Our Fully Featured Learning Management System (LMS)


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About Your BSB50215 Diploma of Business Digital Resources

Your BSB50215 Diploma of Business digital resources come with a huge range of materials to assist your RTO in delivering this qualification. Many RTOs are moving to a more flexible blended delivery model and eSkilled provides you with the perfect Learning Management System and engaging online training resources to bring your RTO into the 21st Century.

These BSB50215 Training Resources Include:

  • Easily Integrated Content – Engaging, interactive content that you can easily integrate into your LMS, so you can easily and quickly start enrolling and training new students.
  • Learner Guide – Thoroughly researched, complete, and regularly reviewed learning content, that contains information for students to study offline or in the classroom (for blended learning), also contains formative assessment tasks.
  • Simulated Workplace Documents [whenever applicable] –Your simulated workplace documents provides your learners with access to a simulated workplace containing literally hundreds of workplace document and resources to support your students to complete their qualification. These include policies, procedures, templates, forms, meeting minutes, organisational charts and other common workplace documents required to complete this qualification.
  • Editable Assessment Tools – Including assessment documents that utilise a range of assessment methods for summative assessment. Editable so RTOs can contextualise for their course environments, learners and learner cohorts
  • Mapping Matrix – Comprehensive mapping, outlining where unit and assessment requirements are met in the assessment tools
  • PowerPoint Presentation – With slides of content to support classroom or webinar delivery of the course content
  • Record of Assessment – For Assessors to confirm and sign off that all assessments have been completed to the required standard

These BSB50215 digital resources are the ultimate way for your RTO to get up and running quickly to deliver this qualification to your learners. You will have the flexibility to adapt them to your training and assessment delivery style, and assessment methods, to ensure that you have your own unique offering that your learners will love!

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