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BSBWRT311 Write Simple Documents e-Learning Resources

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Our BSBWRT311 e-Learning training resources are made for Registered Training Organisations, who wish to teach students the necessary skills to succeed in the Business Services industry.

These state-of-the-art course materials are compatible with any computer system so you can just plug-and-play with the most popular LMS systems on the market today. This unit applies to a range of business service roles in varied contexts.

These BSBWRT311 e-Learning tools include:

  • Narration of the learning content
  • Interactive elements
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Editable files for easy modification and customisation

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About our BSBWRT311 Write Simple Documents e-Learning Resources

The BSBWRT311 Write Simple Documents e-Learning resource comes with a range of materials to assist your RTO in delivering this unit. With RTOs moving to more flexible and blended delivery models, eSkilled is here to provide you engaging and quality online training resources.

You can expect the following from your BSBWRT311 e-Learning resources:

  • e-Learning Content – Engaging, interactive e-Learning content that covers all unit content. This also includes Quiz Questions for each Element to test and assist in knowledge retention.
  • Bite-sized content – Each unit is broken down into manageable chapters for easy study.
  • Summary quiz for each chapter – Tests learners’ comprehension and allows an opportunity to revisit areas that need further revision.
  • Ease of installation – Easy installation to popular e-Learning platforms such as Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard.
  • On-demand learning – Enable your students to study anywhere, anytime with courses available on different devices.

These course materials are completely editable so you can customise and modify your Unit to suit your requirements. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt them to your training and assessment delivery style, and assessment methods.
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