CPC60121 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying RTO Training Materials

CPC60121 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying Digital RTO Training Resources

Our team is calling for expressions of interest in the latest CPC60121 RTO materials! TotalVET Training Resources is considering development of CPC60121 materials. Once created they will include a range of essential training and compliance features that will help your RTO deliver quality training to learners.

TotalVET is our trusted industry partner and a leading RTO resources developer. Resource packages developed by TotalVET include CPC60121 the following materials:

  • Learner Guide
  • Assessor Guide
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Mapping
  • PowerPoints
  • Virtual Workplace Resources
  • e-Learning Resources (optional add-on)

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We’ll be happy to discuss your RTO’s requirements and log your interest in creation of these training and assessment resources.

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