CPCCBC4004 Digital RTO Resources for Sale

CPCCBC4004 Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects Digital RTO Training Resources

Pre-order your new CPCCBC4004 RTO materials now to deliver training and assessment for the latest release of the Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects unit ASAP.

Your new CPCCBC4004 training materials contain key training and compliance features that will help your RTO deliver learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in various Building and Construction roles.

Your new CPCCBC4004 Digital RTO Training Resources will have the following:

  • Learner Guide
  • Assessor Guide
  • Student Assessment Workbook
  • Assessment Mapping
  • Supplemental Policies, Procedures, Images
  • e-Learning Resources (optional add-on)

Your RTO training and assessment materials will help your organisation deliver quality training experience to learners through:

  • Unlimited Digital Student License
  • Contextualisable, Editable, Rebrandable Format
  • Print or Upload to your Learning Management System

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CPCCBC4004 RTO Materials

This new CPCCBC4004 RTO resources package was developed by TotalVET Training Resources, our trusted partner and leading RTO resources developer. It comes with a range of RTO materials to assist your RTO deliver training and assessment for the Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects unit.

Your RTO training and assessment materials have key compliance and training features, including the following:

  • Unlimited Digital Student License – your RTO will not incur ongoing per-student fees when you buy and use our Digital CPCCBC4004 RTO materials!
  • Contextualisable, Editable, Rebrandable Format – re-template, re-brand, contextualise, and do other edits or modifications to the resources that best suit your RTO’s training and assessment strategy! This is in compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015.
  • Print or Upload to Your LMS – integrate the RTO resources into your LMS for easy distribution, or print unlimited copies of the materials.

Digital CPCCBC4004 RTO Learner Guide

Your CPCCBC4004 RTO learner guide contains tons of information, as well as formative assessments that will help your students develop competence in the building and construction industry.

This resource is editable so you can modify or contextualise the content to suit your RTO’s specific needs. Integrate it into your LMS or print it for distribution to your students.

Digital CPCCBC4004 Assessment Tools

Your CPCCBC4004 RTO materials package contains summative assessment tasks that will be used to assess learners’ competency. This includes include written theory questions and practical observations of workplace skills.

You can integrate this into your LMS so it can be quickly and conveniently delivered or printed out. This document is editable so you can validate, contextualise, or modify it.

CPCCBC4004 Supplemental Policies, Procedures, Images

Your CPCCBC4004 RTO resources will include supplemental documents such as simulated policies & procedures, diagrams, and other images which are supplied in PDF, JPEG and other file formats. These documents will help your students complete the CPCCBC4004 unit.

CPCCBC4004 Assessment Mapping

The mapping document is a comprehensive matrix of all the unit requirements mapped to the assessment tasks. This is a very helpful tool that will help you find and show auditors where assessment requirements are met in the tools.

CPCCBC4004 e-Learning Resources Option is Available

You can get HTML5/SCORM compliant e-Learning RTO resources that have plug-and play compatibility with most popular LMS platforms (including Moodle). The e-Learning pack includes premium interactive content, an audio-narration of the RTO learning resources, and engaging learning tasks among other amazing features.

Our e-Learning RTO training materials can help you quickly & easily set up online learning and demonstrate volume of learning requirements – a critical criteria for compliance!

Important: You will get an additional discount on your e-learning resources when you bundle them with the rest of your RTO training resources!