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Enterprise Support Bundle

Our Enterprise Support Bundle is a great way to get major customisations and tweaks done to your LMS! Support Hours can be used towards many services, including:
  • LMS environment customisations
  • Software or website integrations
  • Custom report builds
  • New course custom development
  • Existing course customisations
  • New plugin installation, setup and testing
  • Customised quote with the BEST hourly rate on support work!

This is a great bulk package for RTOs looking for major customisation and support for their LMS.

Please contact us for a customised quote on the number of support hours required to complete your proposed scope of work! 

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Our Enterprise Support Bundle Features

eSkilled offers Support Plans so you can customise and tweak your LMS to your heart’s content! The Enterprise Support Bundle is designed for clients who want massive changes and custom work done by our development and LMS administration teams. We can design a customised quote of support hours to service a range of modifications to your LMS such as:

  • LMS environment customisations – make further visual and functional changes to your LMS environment to suit your exact needs
  • Software or website integrations – connect your LMS to more software services or integrate with a website for a more seamless student experience
  • Custom report builds – create non-standard but valuable reports to meet specific reporting obligations for KPIs, business planning and more
  • New course custom development – get additional units and courses created for your LMS
  • Existing course customisations – tweak, contextualise and customise your courses to suit specific industry or learner needs
  • New plugin installation, setup and testing – add extra plugins to your LMS to give expanded functionality, or meet the specific needs of your RTO & learners

We offer a range of support hour bundles to suit a range of budgets and needs! Contact us for an estimate of hours required to complete your scope of work, then check out the full range of packages to find the right one for you.

The Enterprise Support Bundle is designed for major projects and customisations – contact us for a customised quote on support hours to achieve your goals! 

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