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ICTPRG404 Test applications Digital Resources

Secure the ICTPRG404 Test applications training materials today! Your brand-new training resource package includes useful tools and features that will help you deliver and assess students taking the ICTPRG404 course.

These ICTPRG404 Test applications training resources come with the following:

  • Learner Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Session Plan
  • Classroom Activities
  • Self-Study Guide
  • Students Assessment Pack
  • Trainer Assessment Pack
  • Mapping for Each Unit of Competency
  • Simulated Business Resources

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ICTPRG404 Test applications Digital Training Materials

The ICTPRG404 Test applications digital training resources have undergone rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure you’re getting the best learning and assessment materials possible.

CAQA Resources, one of Australia’s leading resource developers, designed these course materials after industry consultations, robust validations, and assessment of best practice holistic delivery.

ICTPRG404 Learning Resources

Your ICTPRG404 training materials include these valuable learning resources:

  • Learner Guide—these guides are developed in a logical order. They contain formative assessment to help trainers identify concepts that students struggle to understand and help them adjust their instructional techniques accordingly.
  • PowerPoint Presentation—to help trainers create an interactive learning environment.
  • Session Plan—this supports trainers in delivering effective, engaging, and compliant classroom delivery for this unit of competency.
  • Classroom Activities—these activities help students prepare for their summative assessment. These tools also provide trainers with extra resources to improve training and support students.
  • Self Study Guide—help student extend their learning with this guide.

ICTPRG404 Assessment Resources

The ICTPRG404 training resource package includes the following:

  • Student Assessment Pack—these resources include context and conditions of assessment. This also contains tasks to be administered to the student and an outline of evidence to be collected by the trainer.
  • Trainer Assessment Pack—contains benchmark answers and evidence criteria to assess student’s competence.
  • Mapping for each Unit of Competency— this training resource package is fully mapped to the training package requirements.
  • Access to Simulated Business Resources—contains templates, policies, procedures, and similar documents are included to ensure that assessments are consistent and based on the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence.

The ICTPRG404 Test applications digital training resources are provided in an editable Microsoft Word format so you can rebrand, customise, and modify the training materials to your RTO’s needs.

These resources also come with an unlimited student use licence so you can train as many students as you want within your organisation.

More Information About the ICTPRG404 Test applications Digital Training Resources

For more information about the ICTPRG404 Test applications unit of competency, please check the training.gov.au page ICTPRG404 Test applications.

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