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Maxi Pack

Launch into e-learning with our Maxi Pack and access Great E-learning Resources! Best Value in Australia!
  • Enrol students in up to 1000 units per annum
  • Branded with YOUR RTO’s Logo and Colours!
  • Engaging E-learning Resources and Course Content
  • Editable Assessment Tools
  • Get 24/7 Access Online for Students, Trainers and Staff
  • Fully Featured Learning Management System (LMS)

This is incredible value for Large RTOs, TAFEs and Universities and provides access to many qualifications and units in a full-featured LMS


Our Maxi Pack Features

eSkilled Maxi Pack provides you with access to a massive catalogue of unit e-learning materials through our user-friendly Learning Management System. Not only that, you will have access to these amazing features with your new Maxi Pack:

  • 2000 Unit Enrolments – perfect for large RTOs, Tafes and Universities wanting to super cost-effective e-learning resources and LMS
  • No Expensive Setup Fees –  most other LMS providers charge heaps!
  • Engaging E-learning content – Stimulate your e-learners and increase engagement with great eLearning content
  • Branded with YOUR RTO’s logo and colours – Promote YOUR RTO brand (NOT OURS)
  • Quick Set-Up and Access – Crack straight into eLearning using our amazing LMS and e-learning materials
  • No wasted time and money developing your own resources – Why spend many thousands to develop a single unit?
  • No complex set-up – We get you set up and provide onboarding training at no cost
  • No ongoing hosting fees – Yup! you only pay once for access to the units. We cover the rest!

Other Features Include:

Engage Your e-Learners!

Give your learners the best start in their learning journey with our engaging e-Learning resources, and online Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Narrated Learning Content – Great for learners with reading difficulties
  • Interactive Elements –   Keep learners engaged
  • Use On Any Device – Remove barriers to training. Students and trainers can access via desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility anytime!
  • Chunked Learning Content – Units are broken into bite-size chapters for easy study
Promote Your Brand

Impress your students and promote your brand using your Organisation’s Logo and Colours to promote your new sophisticated E-learning Platform (LMS)

Editable Assessments and Assessor Tools

All units come with a full suite of editable assessment tools that include:

  • Assessment Workbooks/Learning Assessments (different names for the same thing depending on publisher terminology)
  • Assessor Guides/Trainer Manuals (different names for the same thing depending on publisher terminology)
  • Mapping Matrices

RTOs can contextualise assessments to suit their learner cohorts and training context (as required by ASQA) to ensure compliance.

Integrated Instant Messaging

Instant messaging service that allows easy two-way dialogue between trainers and students to engage individually or as a course group. It’s a great communication tool that makes everyone feel engaged and involved in online discussions.

Get Automatic Notifications

Users can receive automatic emails alerting them on new assessments, assessment completion, assessment deadlines and more.

Track Progress

Trainers and learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at the course level.