LMS Moodle

eSkilled – Built on Moodle LMS

Eskilled’s Learning Management System platform is based on world-class LMS Moodle. Moodle is best known in Australia and worldwide for providing educators, administrators and learners with robust and amazing learning environments.

We have built our platform on Moodle and fine-tuned it for Registered Training Organisations because we know it can be one of the best tools an RTO can have, given that time and technical expertise are put into developing its functionalities and potential.
If you want to know more about how our Moodle-based LMS platform can benefit your RTO, then please read on.

What Are the Benefits of eSkilled’s Moodle-based LMS Platform?

  • Engaging e-Learning Content – a Moodle-based LMS can be transformed into a powerful tool for learning, and at eSkilled, we use it to develop top-of-the-line engaging content for learners
  • HTML5/SCORM Compliant Format – this format can help you create interactive e-learning content using HTML5/SCORM compliant files
  • Premium Support Services – Our dedicated LMS team are on standby to support your RTO with their expertise
    Lower cost – You will get an LMS platform for RTOs without the development costs (which could go upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars).
  • User-friendly – our LMS platform is lauded by RTOs and learners for being easy to use! You can potentially cut massive amounts of money and time on training your staff to use the LMS. This also means that your learners will be able to study smoothly!
  • Plug-and-play Integration – it is easy to integrate files into eSkilled! Less time and money spent on trying to work out the platform, training staff, or development means more time can be spent on actual training
  • Integrates with Popular Apps and Management Systems – one of the main reasons Moodle stands out in comparison to other LMS is its compatibility with popular apps and management systems like aXcelerate, BigBlueButton, JobReady, OpenMeetings, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Congrea, RTO Manager, Skype, VETtrak, WebEx Meeting, Course Sales, vitero, Wisenet, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and Microsoft Teams, and Truss.
  • Editability – edit your Assessment Tools or Assessor Tools using our platform.
  • Scalable – Whether your RTO is just starting out or already a big organisation that has been operating for years, our Moodle-based LMS has the integrations and plugins that will meet your needs!
  • Future-Proof – a massive range of tools, solutions, and technologies are available for Moodle – this means our Moodle-based LMS platform can support your organisation’s learning infrastructure well into the future
  • And many more amazing features that upgrade the learning infrastructure of RTOs and greatly improve learning outcomes!

Because of these amazing features, eSkilled and Moodle have become the top LMS platform and top learning management system in Australia, respectively. In comparison to other LMS, Moodle has much more amazing features and is more promising. We hope that by using eSkilled, you can also enjoy the benefits of a highly-developed LMS platform!  

If you have any enquiries or want further info, please call us now at 1300 884 811 or email enquiries@eskilled.com.au.  

Or you can click here now to book a walkthrough, check out these amazing features, and see how it’s better to have Moodle in comparison to other LMS!